Looking for a vibrator to wear when you are penetrating someone (front hole or anal) with a strap-on? There are things to consider. If you want something just for you, check out the We- Vibe Chorus. It’s a “U” adjustable shape, one end fits inside the vagina, the other end sits on the clit. It stays in well, but wearing it with tight undies or using Packer Gear or Tomboi strap-on briefs will make certain it stays in place. It’s not shaped properly for anal play, so avoid the temptation to use it anally.

Another item to check out is the Transthetics Joy Stick. It’s an amazing harness free play packer and comes with a vibrator that stimulates the person penetrating, the person being penetrated, and it squirts. These are also great for solo play.

Anal play: A butt plug is a good way to go since the design is made for safe penetration. Be sure to get a piece that has a base on it so it doesn’t get pulled inside the body. Using a silicone butt plug is great for pegging, as they fit and work nicely with a harness. Glass and metal aren’t really recommended with a harness, but are great for temperature play, solo or partnered explorations. A finger cot or nitrile gloved fingers are always a great option for anal activities as well. Note: some folx like to cleanse the colon with a small enema before anal sex, and I would highly recommend this.

Make sure your toys are sanitized before and after using. Do not insert a butt plug, vibrator or dildo that has not been throughly cleansed. Do not share items before sanitizing. While metal and glass are the easiest to keep clean with lots of soapy hot water and a little vinegar, silicone can be boiled and cleaned with toy cleaners or an unscented castile soap. Body safe materials such as medical grade silicone, ABS plastic, glass, metal – are the best to use, as they won’t leech toxic substances into the body like phthalates. Please avoid “jelly” toys.