What is Sex Coaching?

INTRODUCTION: Sex Coaching is a supported, client centered approach to understanding your sensuality, your sexual orientation, your gender, your body and your “hangups”. Participating in Sex Coaching can be a way to enhance […]


I remember thinking as a small child that I wished there was another choice to be, besides male or female. Something in-between? What a relief it was to discover the phrase and meanings of […]

Kegels and The Elvie Trainer

Elvie Trainer – The Kegel device and App that helps to strengthen your pelvic floor.

Most people think of Kegel exercises as something to do after having a baby, to regain vaginal and pelvic […]


Are words like non-binary, gender fluid something that you think about or identify with?
What does the term queer mean to you? Is it offensive? Is it a newly reclaimed word that affirms diversity that […]

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