Elvie Trainer – The Kegel device and App that helps to strengthen your pelvic floor and maintain a healthy bladder and vagina.

Most people think of Kegel exercises as something to do after having a baby, to regain vaginal and pelvic health, postpartum. But this is not why I do these. I’ve never had a baby. I am older, with a vulva. So I find that Kegel exercises are a great way to keep my pelvic floor and bladder healthy later in life. And I love recommending Kegels to my sex coaching clients! Because of the strengthening properties of the exercises, orgasms can be stronger and vaginal muscles have greater control. (People with a penis can do Kegels too, but that’s a different story, for a different day. Do not insert this device into any orifice besides a vagina)

Have you ever done Kegel exercises? Have you ever wondered if you were doing them correctly? Because it’s tricky to see whats going on inside the vagina, I decided to add the Elvie Trainer to my Kegel routine because of the feedback given by the App. An App to monitor the movements of my vaginal muscles? I must say, I was a bit skeptical at first. But I wanted to try it out!

Once I had my Elvie device, I made sure it was fully charged. This is a really simple process: you just make sure its properly aligned in the tube shaped case, then attach one end of the charging wire into the top of the case and the other end into your USB port on your computer. A couple of hours later, you’re set to go!

The oval shape and silky smooth silicone device is easy to insert into the vagina. The little “tail” stays outside the body and sits on the outer labia. This is where the sensor for the device and app pair up is housed. You bring up the App on your Smart Phone and hold it low, near the pubic bone. It so cheerfully prompts you each step of the way, with messages like “WELCOME, LETS GET STARTED”. You can set goals and turn the programmed reminders on or off. It offers a series of exercises, that last a few minutes. The little bouncing ball moves with your muscle contractions and relaxation moments. It scores you at the end of each workout, gives you an option to redo an exercise, or move on to the next one. Then there’s a progress chart at the end of each session.

I have this set for exercises 3 times a week. I’ve been at this now for a little over 3 weeks and I really love it. I noticed that it is more difficult, on a more stressful day, to make the little ball move to the rhythm of the App, especially when it’s time to RELAX. So I know it’s monitoring me correctly. Want to know if you’re doing your Kegel exercises correctly? This is the best way I’ve found to do just that! 

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