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If you are a current client or would like to book a free, first-time discovery call, please contact me below.

$607.50 | Five Sessions
$150 | One Session
$50 | Personal Tarot Reading
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Book an appointment for a one time personal tutorial specifically on various rules and playful experiences that you can create for you and your partner. This call is 30 minutes long and we will discuss how to use the Designing Pleasure Cards that you have purchased.

What is Sex Coaching?2024-02-28T18:23:03+00:00

Sex coaching is a process of discovery and empowerment that can take you past your emotional, physical, and mental blocks around your sexuality and/or gender issues.
It is the responsibility of the sex coach to evaluate your situation and provide pertinent information plus home assignments that will assist you on your journey of healing. It is the responsibility of the client to participate in their healing process. Sex coaching is a collaborative relationship, where coach and client work as a team. Coaching sessions are confidential, non-pathologizing,  and nonjudgmental. A cognitive-behavioral approach is primarily used during sessions.

Why Sex Coaching?2018-06-02T00:45:35+00:00

Sexuality is a natural part of the human experience, but  despite the number of people that live with sexual dysfunction and other sexual and/or gender issues, doctors, therapists, and other important professionals in our lives fail to address the topic of healthy sexuality.. In sex coaching, you will find a sex positive and educational environment that addresses you as a WHOLE person. In my practice, I use the MEBES model (developed by Dr. Patti Britton- http://drpattibritton.com/get-coached-2/) which addresses MIND, EMOTIONS, BODY, ENERGY, SPIRIT, to offer a full range of healing and understanding.

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