Get ready for a fun and insightful journey into self-discovery and sexual awakening!

I assist people in connecting with intimacy and sensuality between themselves and others, as well as with themselves. Sexual behavior, masturbation, sexual concerns, uneven desire in sexual relationships, and body awareness are some of the issues I work with.

I utilize a personal approach to guide clients in finding their natural sexual selves. I sometimes use tarot readings, meditation time, creative exercises (drawing/musical improv/music therapy), and home assignments, such as reading, journaling, and self-awareness projects, to assist clients in bringing forth their inner gifts.

You can expect a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential place to explore and integrate issues and concerns on intimacy, sexual trauma, relationship hurdles, gender identity/fluidity and enhancing pleasure. Sessions are based on the concerns you wish to address.

So if you’re someone who…

…then you’ve come to the right place.

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Session Options Perfect for Your Needs

My offerings are designed to meet you where you are. Here are some options for how we can work together to explore and enhance your sexual narrative: 

Individual Sex Coaching

Embark on a one-on-one journey tailored just for you. Whether you’re navigating the waves of aging, seeking harmony in your desires, or exploring your gender and sexuality, this personalized coaching lights the path to a more fulfilling sex life and a deeper connection with yourself. 

I work with individuals or couples online. All sessions are fully clothed. Individual and couples sessions are one hour.

Couples Sex Coaching

Strengthen your bond and synchronize your desires. Through compassionate guidance, Iva helps couples find a new language for love, enhancing intimacy and pleasure. Rediscover each other in ways that reignite your passion and commitment.

I work with individuals or couples online. All sessions are fully clothed. Individual and couples sessions are one hour.

Workshops & Group Sessions

Interested in a fun and spicy activity for your bachelorette party or book club?

Sex education workshops and/or tarot readings for your gathering can make for a very different type of get together or party.

For instance, for a bachelorette party you can choose topics for the presentation on sex toys, sexual positions, erotic massage ideas and more. I’ll have lube samples and other gifts for the occasion.

Tarot readings can be another interesting way make your parties intriguing. Imagine a little table in the corner with a lit candle and spread of cards for each of your guests. 

All workshops are fully clothed. Workshops vary from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. Tarot readings are 15 minute readings per guest.

Tarot Readings

Uncover the layers of your sexual and emotional self with the ancient wisdom of tarot. Gain unique insights into your personal journey, and find clarity and direction in your quest for sexual fulfillment and self-discovery. 

Topics can include career directions, love and sex questions, friendship entanglements, and concerns about an upcoming household move.

While sex and sexuality may be a part of your tarot reading, these are not sex coaching sessions.

Tarot readings are 30 or 50 minutes in length.

It’s time to claim your authentic sexual self!

Embarking on this journey means stepping into a world where your deepest desires are acknowledged and nurtured. Here, you’re not just finding ways to enhance your sex life; you’re unlocking the door to a richer, more vibrant existence where every aspect of your being is in harmony. 

Ready to explore the boundless possibilities of your sexual self? 

Schedule a Discovery Call or download free resources to begin. 

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Designing Pleasure Deck

This Deck includes 47 pleasure cards for putting together very intentional plans for intimacy and sexy adventures. There are 6 instructional cards, so you’ll have some ideas for ways to play with them. Or you can create your own rules.

  • A fun way to enhance pleasure with 47 different cards/47 different suggestions
  • Boosts communication skills
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Can be used solo, for couples or in poly erotic adventures
  • Encourages consensual interaction
  • Offers ideas for kinky scenes