What have you experienced that feels difficult to express in your world?

Are you finding it difficult to connect with others that understand or have compassion towards your sexual and/or gender identity?

Is stepping into your personal truth a challenge?

Do you feel sexual shame or disapprove of your body or sexual preferences because your orientation is different from your families expectations?

What I Offer

I work with individual or couples clients online thru FaceTime or Zoom, or in-person in Asheville, NC. I offer workshops in person for groups. All sessions are fully clothed. Individual and couples sessions are one hour and workshops vary from 1 1/2 to 3 hours.

I provide a safe, nonjudgmental and confidential place to explore and heal issues and concerns on intimacy, sexual trauma, homophobic trauma, relationship hurdles, transitioning, gender identity/fluidity. Sessions are based on discussions of the clients concerns.

Group M & I

Mindfulness and Intimacy (M & I) is an LGBTQ support workshop dedicated to increasing your creative edge and self awareness thru mindfulness, meditation, deep relaxation, musical and artistic projects, stress reduction, cognitive restructuring, stretching, acupressure self care, and breath work. M & I groups are designed to bring one to a greater inner awareness and outer satisfaction and health. M & I will assist in guiding you to a more intuitive and tuned in place within your life. Many of these workshops are LGBTQ focused to provide an environment dedicated for honest reflection and natural expression within a like-minded group setting. While we have drums, pencils, crayons, and paper available in class, feel free to bring your musical instrument, staff paper, drawing paper and anything else that is part of your creative world. We never know where our muse will take us.

Contact me at the email or phone number below for information on bringing a workshop to your group. You can request 1-1/4 hour to 3-hour workshops. Contact me at (828) 506-1588 or for information on bringing a workshop to your group.


Sex Coaching

I utilize a sex positive approach in order to guide clients to finding their natural sexual selves. I sometimes use mindfulness or meditation time, creative exercises (drawing/musical improv/music therapy) and home assignments, such as journaling and self awareness projects, to assist clients in bringing forth their inner gifts.

I work with uneven desire between partners, those seeking to enhance their sexual skills, and Folx that are pre-orgasmic.

So if you are someone who:
Lives outside the traditional gender binary and sexuality roles,
Is finding that being what everyone else expects you to be is not good enough,
Is seeking confidence in your choices based on you feel you really are, then you’ve come to the right place.

Contact me at the email or phone number below for a complimentary consultation to determine a plan for your coaching sessions. or (828) 506-1588


$25 + $10 shipping fee, US only. Email for International Rates

Designing Pleasure Deck

This Deck includes 47 pleasure cards for putting together very intentional plans for intimacy and sexy adventures. There are 6 instructional cards, so you’ll have some ideas for ways to play with them. Or you can create your own rules.

  • A fun way to enhance pleasure with 47 different cards/47 different suggestions
  • Boosts communication skills
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Can be used solo, for couples or in poly erotic adventures
  • Encourages consensual interaction
  • Offers ideas for kinky scenes

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