Unlock the Joy of Your Sexual Journey

Imagine a space where you’re celebrated for who you are… where you’re encouraged to explore & embrace your full erotic potential.

Have you ever felt out of sync with your desires or struggled to communicate what feels good in your heart and body?

Maybe you’ve been curious about exploring new aspects of your sexuality but don’t know where to start.

Or perhaps you’re navigating the complex emotions of sexual aging or uneven desires with your partner.

So many people struggle silently with their sexuality, their body image, and their gender identity because they fear being judged or shamed. They worry that a mainstream therapeutic professional won’t understand, so they’ll have to educate their therapist and won’t feel helped at all.

You’re not alone

Most therapists are uncomfortable talking about sex and gender, too! They receive very little training on these topics.

That’s the beauty of going to a sex coach instead.

A sex coach understands your concerns and can communicate about them, knowledgeably and compassionately.

And they map a step-by-step path forward for you, without needing to dig up the past.

They help you identify how your sexual concerns intersect with the rest of your life and they support you in achieving your sexual goals.

Imagine a world where you can openly embrace your sexual curiosity, tackle uneven desires without shame, and explore intimacy with newfound confidence.

Your guide for your sexual wellness journey

Hi, I’m Iva Veazey, your guide on a self-discovery journey that promises not just insights but a whole lot of fun along the way.

I believe that everyone deserves to live their truth, especially those who don’t fit neatly into society’s predefined boxes of gender, sexuality, or love style. It’s not just about embracing your quirks; it’s about celebrating them. My mission? To be a beacon of strength and inspiration for those ready to dive deep into their essence and emerge fully empowered.

Whether you’re navigating the changing tides of desire, exploring gender, or simply seeking a richer connection with yourself and your partner(s), you’ve found a non-judgmental ally.

With a sprinkle of playful meditation, a dash of art therapy, and a generous helping of sex-positive coaching, I’m here to help you unlock the door to a satisfying sex life that enriches your entire being.

Here, sexual harmony isn’t a distant dream—it’s your new reality.

Here, you’ll find a shame-free space dedicated to your self-enrichment and relationship enhancement.

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My holistic approach

My unique approach to sex coaching is a holistic journey that acknowledges how deeply sex and intimacy are woven into the fabric of your being.

Our sex lives don’t exist in a silo, separated from the rest of our lives (regardless of what popular media suggests).

Our beliefs, our feelings, our understanding of energy…all of these things influence our relationships to our own eroticism, our partners, and our friends and family.

And conversely, our relationships with others can have a profound effect on how we relate to our bodies, our needs, our boundaries, and our desires.

In my practice, I use the MEBES Signature System ™ (developed by Dr. Patti Britton), which addresses MIND, EMOTIONS, BODY, ENERGY, and SPIRIT, to offer a full range of healing and understanding.

The MEBES model empowers me to design an action plan that encompasses your WHOLE self.

So many fun tools!

Another way your entire being will be engaged in the process is that I use a variety of tools to take you down the personalized path to your goals that we co-create.

You’ll be guided to use everything from music and art therapy to tarot readings and innovative meditation practices to enlighten and invigorate your sexual life.

You’ll also be introduced to the “Designing Pleasure” card deck I developed to help my clients deepen intimacy and have sexy adventures in a fun and inclusive way.

It’s time to stop compartmentalizing yourself to find sexual pleasure.

You deserve to live your most authentic life and embody your most joyful, natural sexual expression.

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What kind of help are you seeking?


Maybe you feel “outside of the box” when you think about your gender.

You’re not sure what (or if) gender expression feels most authentic.

But you long to feel comfortable in your own skin and confident with how you’re presenting yourself in the world.


Are you struggling with the effects of aging on your sex life?

Are you experiencing uneven desire in your relationships?

Or maybe you’re yearning to try something new and unusual, but you don’t know how to ask for it.

Personal Growth

You may be struggling with understanding  how your sexuality, your body, or your gender fit with the rest of who you are.

And you’re wishing you could feel whole and embodied. Do you want to feel juicy and free in every aspect of your life?

By engaging my unique approach, you’ll find yourself on a path to:

  • A deeper understanding and acceptance of your sexual desires and needs.

  • Enhanced communication skills, making it easier to express your needs and desires with partners.

  • Increased confidence in owning and articulating your sexual choices.

  • A holistic integration of your sexual self with all other aspects of your life, leading to a richer, more satisfying overall existence.

How sex coaching works

The first thing you notice in a session with me is the warm, safe, and welcoming environment I create where your natural sexual self can emerge without fear of judgment.

Here’s how our collaborative process unfolds, guiding you toward a life of deeper intimacy and personal fulfillment.

Time to embrace your natural sexual self!

Ready to begin this journey of self-discovery and intimate enrichment? Schedule your Discovery Call or download free resources today. Let’s unlock the doors to a life where your sexuality and spirit dance together in harmony.

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