Most of us don’t have much to say about what sex education was like in high school. Maybe it was about STI’s and abstinence. Maybe they talked about periods and how sperm fertilizes a woman ovaries. It was all very heteronormative and pro-creation focused. And relatively uninformed. Remember the Surgeon General Dr. Joycelyn Elders? She was removed from her public position because of her controversial views, such as suggesting that masturbation and birth control should be taught in sex education classes.
Everyone needs to be smart about their bodies, their desires, their rights as sexual beings. Every body is different. Not everyone wants the same things from sex. Education, communication, exploration, and understanding consent is critical in creating a healthy sexual environment. Teaching not only heteronormative but LGBTQIA+ sexual possibilities can be of great value to youth and adults.
Learning about sex and sexuality is easier now that it has been in the past – there are many, many books and resources to investigate. And, as we just heard about the passing of the “grandmother of masturbation”, Betty Dodson, (this writing was created on 11/2/2020) you might want to check out her books (such as Sex for One- the Joy of Selfloving) or the videos on her website:
Other titles to explore:
Sexual Intelligence by Dr. Marty Klein
Naked at Our Age by Joan Price
Queer Sex by Juno Roche
The Psychology of Sex by Dr. Meg-John Barker
The Ethical Slut by Easton and Hardy
Sex Outside the Lines by Dr. Chris Donaghue
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