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Designing Pleasure Playing Cards

This Deck includes 47 pleasure cards for putting together very intentional plans for intimacy and sexy adventures. There are 6 instructional cards, so you’ll have some ideas for ways to play with them. Or you can create your own rules.

  • A fun way to enhance pleasure with 47 different cards/47 different suggestions
  • Boosts communication skills
  • Multiple ways to play
  • Can be used solo, for couples or in poly erotic adventures
  • Encourages consensual interaction
  • Offers ideas for kinky scenes





Imagine sex and intimacy coaching within a template of tarot card guidance. 

My name is Iva Veazey and I am a certified sex coach. 

I am a graduate of Sex Coach U in California and have completed the Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Experience in Europe. These are internationally recognized certifications. I’ve been in private practice since 2018. 

My sex coaching areas of focus are primarily with life phases of sexuality, enhanced pleasure, issues around uneven desire between lovers and gender topics. 

When I began my practice in Sex coaching, I was using a single tarot card draw in my sex coaching sessions for anyone interested in this process. This has grown into full card reading sessions for many of my clients.

The tarot focus has increased in my practice due to this being a valuable tool for self evaluation and intimacy building. The cards can frequently offer personal meanings through their symbolism that will be valuable for sorting out erotic issues and increasing pleasure in ones life and relationships. 

The card deck listed above – DESIGNING PLEASURE – can also be integrated into sessions for home assignment inspiration, if you so choose.

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